The Services Dry Fly Fishing Association 

Instruction and River Monitoring Gallery

The Services Dry Fly Fishing Association - Instruction and River Monitoring Gallery

The committee arranges two formal day’s of instruction every season, and these are always well attended as can be seen in the photographs below. The first, in April, is concerned with the basic techniques of casting together with advice on tackle in order to help members who are new to fly-fishing, as well as those who wish to be updated or reminded of new techniques and advances in rods, lines and equipment. This day is rounded off with a conducted tour of the fishery to familiarise new members with the main car parks, and also to provide informal advice on the relative advantages of the adjacent water.

The second day, in May, is concerned primarily with the art of fishing a nymph, as we believe that to get the most enjoyment and success on the SDFFA water it is desirable that members are competent in fishing the classic chalk stream nymph techniques. However both the Keeper and committee members are always available to help and advise members on demand outside these instructional periods if this is needed.

The committee also runs periodic instruction sessions in River Fly Monitoring, as is also illustrated below. These sessions are led by experienced river monitors, and they also provide a continuous record of the invertebrate populations of the river which are then passed on to a national data base. This monitoring work is an important component of our river management, as it would quickly reveal any serious pollution problems that might occur.

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